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More Knowledge.
More Options.
Higher Average.



Our mission is to create innovative and cutting edge hunting products that are backed by nature itself.


Slice A Life Archery is intended for hunters:

       1. That prefer knowledge in hunting over containing or taming the game.

       2. That "excite" at the sight of a buck scrape not a corn feeder.

       3. That learn from nature not commercial steering.

       4. That are pursuing the race for knowledge not distance.


Hunting Beyond Common Knowledge

This book contains several evolutions in hunting, these evolutions are for the first time in human history. 

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Make Your Bow Sound Like a Doe

The Deceiver device makes a deer bleat sound automatically as the bow is fired, the bleat starts just before the string hits vibration point and ends after the arrow impact sounds. Sound masking your entire shot, while attracting more game at the same time! 


Most Advanced, Small Game Hunting EVER!

The Slammer is the most advanced, highest level, and final level in small game hunting. An understanding so advanced, weapons and traps are no longer needed for hunting. 

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Does Ed Have To Fight Alone?

Ed has been fighting with the DNR since 1990s at his own cost. Your purchase of any of the product line, at "Slice A Life Archery" promotes action for the cause in defense of lost and forgotten hunting rights. When you click "Learn More" below, you will see a fraction of Ed's work with the DNR. 


Ed Flanagan

Inventor, Author, and Founder of Slice A Life Archery

The evolution of The Deceiver started in 2004 and went through several mechanical prototypes, 2005 underwent field testing with one mechanical. In 2008, I built the first electronic Deceiver. 2012 was the first professionally engineered Deceiver and it was manufactured and offered for sale in 2013. From 2013 forward was pushing the understanding and education in archery sound masking.


In 2018, the development of sight and sound shielding started. This is when The Slammer was born, it went through 14 evolutions of trial and error and was offered for sale in 2021.

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