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The Deceiver

What is The Deceiver?

The Deceiver device makes a deer bleat sound automatically as the bow is fired, the bleat starts just before the string hits vibration point and ends after the arrow impact sounds. Sound masking your entire shot, while attracting more game at the same time! 

"Loud and friendly is far greater than quiet and scary!"

  • Camo Finish 

  • Rain Proof (If submerged in water may cause damage)

  • CR2 Battery (Included)

  • Compatibility: Works on ALL bows 2012 and earlier. Works on 95% of bows 2016 and newer.

  • Compatibility: Currently does not work on Matthews and Prime 2013 and newer. (If you have a bow 2016 and newer and it does not work, Get A Full Refund!)

  • 1 Year Warranty

Can I Ask You A Question?

Why does a deer run away as your quiet bow fires, but stay put as they hear 2 squirrels playing?

Here's why:

1. Deers hear at 10,000 more hertz than humans. - So the fact that we think our bow is quiet is a joke. haha


2. String vibration produces a high frequency. - In which deer realize is not nature, just like if they were to hear you talking. This explains how they easily distinguish threat sounds from nonthreat sounds.


Makes sense right? - Just keep reading...

In the videos below, I'm going to take down 1 buck, then just minutes later... Another buck walks up to the body of the dead one, and I'm going to take him too! Here the situation happening, 3 different times!

You're Not Only Getting "The Deceiver"

Let's take a closer look at the MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, without "The Deceiver"

You're getting an opportunity to shoot multiple game animals in a tighter time window than vibration dampening! Rather than climbing from your stand after only 1 shot, or waiting 20 minutes for more opportunities.

You're getting an opportunity to shoot smaller targets, like squirrels, and attract your big buck with a bleating sound all at the same time! Your sound masking is increasing call effectiveness with the motion of your expiring game. More Real. More Effective!

You’re practically sound masking your shot with a deer call. Who cares how quiet your bow is if nature thinks that you’re just another deer?

Oh wait! Let me guess.. 
You need more proof "The Deceiver" works?


You are about to be shown the opposite of what you've been taught your entire hunting career, and the results are going to blow your mind. Thank me later!

Watch what happens after I deliberately missed my shot!

Please don't let this go over your head. The whole point of this is... This deer doesnt recognize I shot at him!! Which means no other game recognizes me, and my hunt is not over!

Startled Deer VS Scared Deer

 "Startled Deer that stays put" are only caused by The Deceiver" Scared Deer that runs away" are typical results of hunting since forever!

Stop sitting around in a tree stand. Shoot small game in the mean time, and attract your Big Buck!

Watch how I shot 2 squirrels and just minutes later a Doe walks right up to me! If I had only depended on my "Quiet Bow / Vibration Dampeners", we can all agree that Doe wouldn't have ever showed up!

Did I mention "The Deceiver" is perfect for kids too!?

Take a look at what happens when a 12-year-old uses "The Deceiver"...  If your kid had a second shot, wouldn't that be a great opportunity for practice?

Frequently Asked Questions



Jim Testimonial 

Mark Testimonial

Jamie Testimonial

Aaron Testimonial


Whether you know this or not...


1.  Vibration Dampeners cost you arrow speed, “The Deceiver” results in NO ARROW SPEED LOSS!


2. Vibration Dampeners have trained Bow Hunters to turn down shots in fear of scaring away primary targets. “The Deceiver” allows you to shoot whatever you want while calling primary targets to you!


3. The “arrow impact” sound is why ALL GAME SCATTERS, but “The Deceiver” covers that sound!


4.  Bow Hunters are trained to fire 1 shot and climb down from their tree stand (Hunt Over Mindset), but with “The Deceiver”, a shot fired is only the beginning, not the end!


5.  If you’re going to sit in a tree stand for hours and hours, why not have the ability to shoot small game while waiting for your primary target? Or better yet… Call your primary target to you!?




This website is 128-bit encryption, so your information is safe here. "The Deceiver" is a patented product owned by Slice a Life Archery, LLC and Edward Flanagan. It works and there is no reason why there should not be one mounted to your bow!



Are You Still Skeptical? Ed Flanagan Responds To The Deceiver's Bulls**** Critics Perception

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