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  • How was "The Deceiver" created?"
    Invented by Ed Flanagan, professionally designed by engineering company.
  • Is the arrow impact sound louder than the bow itself?
  • Does “The Deceiver” attract game with a shot fired?
  • How long has "The Deceiver" been in use in the field?"
    Over 10 Years! It has gone through 3 versions of prototypes and is now offered to the public.
  • Does “The Deceiver” covers the arrow impact sound?
  • Will "The Deceiver" work on my bow?"
    Works on all compound bows 2012 and earlier, and most bows 2013 and newer. For Mathews and Prime 2013 and newer, it may not function properly. Works on all cross-bows, re-curve, and long bows. We offer 100% Money-Back Guarantee if it does not work on your new bow.
  • Is "The Deceiver" a U.S. patented product?"
  • How heavy is "The Deceiver"?"
    3.5 ounces!
  • How long is the deer bleat sound?
    1.7 seconds covering bow sound, arrow flight, and arrow impact!
  • Does "The Deceiver" affect the weight of my bow?"
    Not at all! You barely notice it's there!
  • When does it sound?
    Starts before string vibration, ends after arrow impact!
  • Where does "The Deceiver" mount?"
    Stabilizer location, accessory location, anywhere bolted to frame!
  • Does "The Deceiver" come with a battery?"
    YES! (Last 300 shots) (CR2 - Battery - $5.00 Replacement)
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